Energy Transition Award

The Energy Transition Award

The Energy Transition Award is a prestigious acknowledgement for the pioneers of the energy transition in the DACH region in various categories. Companies that succeed in comprehensively integrating the new energy world into their product and service portfolio are seen as role models for others.

Unlike in the traditional energy industry, customers – private households – are active players in the energy transition as well. They determine not only the demand by purchasing green power, renewable heat or biofuels, but also become suppliers themselves through their use of renewable energies.

Thus, companies are faced with the challenge of positioning themselves in the energy transition with innovative products and services for customers and their changing needs.
8th Energy Transition Award - 
Energy Suppliers
June 20, 2024 | 2:00 - 4:00 PM
The smarter E Forum,
Hall B5, Booth: B5.550
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The Driving Forces Behind the Energy Transition

Der Energieversorger ist der erste Ansprechpartner für den Endkunden bei Energiefragen. Entsprechend bildet er die Schnittstelle zwischen dem Angebot an Produkten und Dienstleistungen der Energiewende und der Nachfrage der Endkunden. Aus dieser Position erwächst eine besondere Verantwortung der Energieversorger für das Gelingen der Energiewende.

Erfahren Sie mehr zu den Vorantreibern der Energiewende, indem Sie die Kachel anklicken.

Impressions of the Awards Ceremony

Receiving the Energy Transition Award is a tremendous success for companies and proves how exemplary they are positioned internally and externally. Let yourself be inspired by the enchanting moments from this year's and past awards.

Voices about the Energy Transition Award

Markus A. W. Hoehner

“The Energy Transition Award shows beacons of the energy industry that demonstrate how the path of the energy transition is already being followed with success. We honor these energy suppliers with this visibility, together with our partners. My heartfelt congratulations to all of this year’s winners. Thank you to the initiators and supporters.”

Markus A.W. Hoehner
Founder and CEO of EUPD Research

“This award is a confirmation that we are on the right track. Our offerings in the field of electromobility significantly contribute to climate protection and resource efficiency. We focus on innovative and needs-based solutions that make it easier for our customers to transition to sustainable mobility.”

Jürgen Schäpermeier
Managing Director, Stadtwerke Unna

“The customer has the freedom to choose the product and therefore sets the pace. To do this, they need to find a wide range of sustainable products and information.”

Marc-André Müller
Sales Manager, Niederrhein Energie und Wasser GmbH

It’s an honor to receive this award, it shows that it’s possible to start small and make an impact, and then be recognized for your actions and convictions towards renewable energies.

Julien Tchernia
CEO and Co-founder, Ekwateur

For this award we have to thank the focused and passionate ènostra team! Making citizens leaders of the bottom up energy transition and making sure that territories and communities take the economic, social and environmental benefits of the renewable power plants: that’s the challenge at the center of the strategy and the daily work of ènostra.

Sara Capuzzo
President, énostra

“We are thrilled about the award. Advancing the energy transition locally is a key task for us as energy providers. We know how to do it. Our work plays a crucial role in the future of our planet. Being able to significantly shape the future is both challenging and incredibly exciting.”

PhD Volker Nies
Press Spokesperson, RhönEnergie Fulda GmbH

“EWE actively shapes the energy transition and relies on renewable energies for a sustainable future.”

Hans-Gerd Funke
Head of Direct Sales EDL, EWE Aktiengesellschaft

“We are delighted to receive this award, as it is recognition of the path we have taken so far towards a new energy world, which we have been shaping for many years. After all, we can only overcome the challenges of the energy transition together if we think about the generation of electricity & heat as well as urban mobility in a networked way.”

PhD Karin Thelen
Managing Director, Stadtwerke München

“Electromobility must be made accessible to everyone – the traditional wallbox business is changing. At Süwag, we offer a wide range of products for home, on-the-go, and workplace charging. For “last mile” mobility, we have our e-scooter sharing service. We are gradually evolving into a mobility provider.”

Marco Weilbächer
Product Manager E-Mobility, Süwag Vertrieb Ag & Co. KG

“We are proud to be awarded the Energiewende-Award in the Mobility category as Burgenland Energie. Our goal is to make Burgenland climate-neutral and energy-independent by 2030. This can only work if the energy transition is also enjoyable! Therefore, our approach is to provide comprehensive mobility solutions that are simple and free from significant technical or organizational hurdles, thus gaining the people in the region as allies for the energy transition. This award validates our efforts and motivates us to continue moving forward.”

Reinhard Czerny
Chief Financial Officer, Burgenland Energie AG

As a local energy supplier, we have a major responsibility for the environment and future generations. Together with local stakeholders, we are creating the necessary infrastructure in Witten for the mobility transition. We want to make it as easy as possible to use in order to promote the expansion of electric mobility.

Sören Braun
Group Manager Electromobility, Stadtwerke Witten

“The energy concept of the future is inconceivable without electric mobility. Regio Energie Solothurn is strongly committed to e-mobility, charging infrastructure and services. We are delighted that our commitment has helped us win the Energy Transition Award.”

Philipp Keel
Project Manager E-Mobility / ZEV, Regio Energie Solothurn

“Energy Transition is more than just selling hardware – together with our partners, we analyze our customers’ buildings to understand their needs and achieve maximum energy efficiency in the building.”

Hans-Jürgen Hamburger
Head of System Solutions Heat and Generation, badenova
Salzburg AG, 20190328 Foto: wildbild, Herbert Rohrer

“As a green tech company, Salzburg AG is very pleased to be nominated in the Energy Transition category. We are very pleased that our efforts to decarbonize energy are being noticed beyond the country’s borders. Salzburg AG will invest EUR 1.7 billion by 2028 in the expansion of hydropower, bioenergy district heating, PV, electromobility and the associated grids, thus making a small but regionally significant contribution to the energy transition.”

Markus Wiedhölzl
Sales Manager for Private and Commercial Customers, Salzburg AG

“With our 100% green electricity and innovative PV offerings, we are shaping a sustainable energy transition. Together, we are creating a green future for Radolfzell and beyond.”

Tobias Hagenmeyer
CEO, Stadtwerke Radolfzell GmbH
ED Mitarbeiter, Foto Juri Junkov, Luisenstrasse 1, D-79539 Lörrach, Mobil:+491717410128,

“Shaping a society worth living in – that is our goal at naturenergie. Mobility plays an important role in this. That is why we offer our customers sustainable solutions and a convenient introduction to electromobility. This award shows that we are on the right track.”

Daniel Schölderle
Head of Market and Energy Solutions, naturenergie hochrhein AG

“We are delighted to receive the award again this year – it is a reassurance that we are on the right track and a motivation to continue on our path.”

Michael Teigeler
CEO, Stadtwerke Heidelberg Energie

We are honored to be considered as a key driver of the Energy Transition. This recognition underscores our commitment to driving sustainable energy solutions and inspiring others to join us on the journey toward a greener future

Anders Millgaard
CEO, Modstrøm Danmark A/S
June 2024
Award ceremony of the Energy Transition Award 2024: The best energy suppliers in the DACH region and expansion to additional European target markets 
For the 8th time, EUPD Research analyzes energy suppliers in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) as part of the Energy Transition Award. As part of The smarter E Europe, Europe’s largest alliance of exhibitions for the energy industry, the best energy suppliers were awarded yesterday. At the exhibition in Munich, the best energy…

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