Breakthrough of electric cars increases the need for public charging infrastructure

With the increasing number of electric cars on German roads, the expansion of public charging stations is becoming more and more urgent. This also requires the commitment of energy suppliers. Energy suppliers, who are driving the transport revolution with their commitment to electric mobility, will be awarded with the Energy Transition Awards in the Mobility category during the prize ceremony on 15 June at The smarter E Europe, Europe’s largest energy industry platform.

Bonn 26.04.2023. The number of pure electric cars on German roads is steadily increasing. In 2022, a total of 470,559 pure electric cars (BEV) were registered in Germany; an increase of 32 percent compared to the previous year. Overall, the stock in Germany exceeded the mark of one million electric cars last year. This increase in the number of electric cars in Germany needs to be accompanied by an increase in the availability of public charging stations in order to achieve the transport transition. 

According to the Federal Network Agency, there are 80,541 registered public charging points (as of 1 January 2023). Although the number of registered and active charging points has almost doubled over the last two years, the expansion of public charging stations lags far behind the registration figures for electric cars – this is reflected in the ratio of purely electric cars to charging points: there are around 13 electric cars for every public charging point.

“The energy transition in the transport sector is an important aspect of achieving the German government’s climate targets. The boom of electric cars and, in this context, the expansion of public charging stations is a step in the right direction to successfully implement the transport revolution,” Natalja Semerow, Senior Research Analyst at EUPD Research, comments on the development.

Utilities are also involved in the development of the public charging infrastructure and therefore play an important role in the transport transition. For this reason, the Energy Transition Award in the Mobility category recognises energy utilities that are driving the transformation of transport with their portfolio and services.

Energiewende Award for Energy Suppliers

The most innovative energy providers will be honoured with the Energiewende Award for the 7th time at the innovation platform The smarter E Europe, taking place on June 15, 2023. The Award is addressed to highly engaged energy suppliers, who promote and accelerate the Energiewende (Energy Transition) in the DACH region. The project initiators are the DCTI Deutsches CleanTech Institut (German CleanTech Institute), The smarter E Europe and EUPD Research. The Energy Transition Award winners from previous years are also invited to this year’s award ceremony.

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